Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

Behind the Shield

To bring greater alignment of our brand, core values and mission, SKY Soccer Club partnered with creative marketing agency, Yonts + Co, to achieve a brand that further represents where our club has been and where it will go into the future. Our passion for our soccer programs and community led us to our new design that we know will be with us for many years to come. We worked tirelessly to visually define each element of our new shield which is described below:


The Shield

Crests, Badges, & Shields have been a part of soccer culture for decades. As Southern Kentucky’s premier soccer association, we wanted to visually match that trend.

The ‘ribbon’ that bridges across the badge is meant to represent the community that SKY and soccer build. SKY Soccer is full of people that come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and come together to share a love for soccer.


Blue & Black

These colors have represented SKY Soccer for years. In terms of color psychology, blue represents trustworthiness, maturity, and stability. Black represents boldness, strength, and innovation. We stayed true to these colors, because in Southern Kentucky & the surrounding area, SKY Blue & Black are easily recognizable.


SKY Font

The font used for SKY is strong and modern. We wanted it to be something that players and supporters of our organization would want to wear and be proud of, whether in our badge or not.



This is the year our soccer programs were organized in the area. While not known as Southern Kentucky Soccer at the time, the early organization would later be incorporated and receive non profit status as Southern Kentucky Soccer (SKY Soccer) in 1991 and how we are known today.



The 5 blue stripes in our badge represent our 5 main programs: Recreational, Pre-Academy, Junior Academy, Academy Select and Community Outreach Programs. 


Stars & Arch & Mission

In our badge, there are 3 stars representing our core values: Community - Character - Commitment

Community - SKY Soccer Club is a community first organization

Character - Our players’ soccer and social development are equally important to our mission

Commitment - Our players are committed to our Club, our Club is committed to our players and to our community

The stars in our badge are laid out in an ‘arch’ shape with accompanying lines. These elements create an implied horseshoe shape to represent the state of Kentucky.

Our core values align with our mission of developing great players and people to enhance the community we serve. Our mission is further defined as:

Develop Great Players AND People

  • We want our players to succeed, on and off the field. It’s our goal to help them grow as soccer players, and as a part of the community

Enhance Our Community

  • Without the Southern Kentucky community, SKY Soccer wouldn’t exist. We want our efforts to add value and enrich those that choose to associate with us.

 Grow The Game

  • Everyone that comes through our programs shares a passion for soccer, whether that’s playing, coaching, refereeing and/or supporting the club and players. We want to provide opportunities to anyone with the desire to learn, play and participate in the Beautiful Game.