Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

Drobrocky Orthodontics and SKY Soccer Partnership

Dr. Oles Drobocky and SKY Soccer Club Board President Richard Zoellner ink a new partnership agreement for our jersey sponsorship in January 2020; kicking off an even greater investment in SKY Soccer and our community.

SKY Soccer is proud to officially announce our enhanced partnership with Drobocky Orthodontics. After many years of partnership, Drobocky Orthodontics and SKY Soccer renewed our relationship, including a larger investment enabling a greater access to and development of our soccer programs.  It’s so much more than a jersey...

Almost two decades of community support and engagement: that’s what comes to mind when South Central Kentuckians think of the partnership between Drobocky Orthodontics and the Southern Kentucky Soccer Club. Serving as South Central’s Kentucky premier orthodontic practice for more than 30 years, Dr. Drobocky is proud to provide families and kids with something other than professional and personal orthodontic care. As a proud sponsor of SKY Soccer Club, his investment of time and money shapes young lives by instilling good values and work ethic. “It’s impactful to their social development, their physical development, and health long-term,” he says of the partnership. To Dr. Drobocky, it’s more than just a name on a jersey.

Developing great players and people to enhance our community is the mission of the Southern Kentucky Soccer Club. Bringing a diverse group of players together inspires responsibility, dependability, and fair competition. Dr. Drobocky has always believed that student athletes become ` coachable team-players who excel when stepping into higher education and the workforce. After 17 years of sponsoring the SKY Soccer Club, his convictions remain strong and his words ring true for young adults across the region. “It’s not about money or enticing kids to play soccer,” says Dr. Drobocky. “It’s about the character building behind every practice and game that makes our efforts worth it.” SKY Soccer Club is grateful for the continued support of Dr. Drobocky and partnership with Drobocky Orthodontics, and the access and opportunity it represents for kids across Southern Kentucky.


Season Ending Wrap-up

Dear Members,

Thank you all for another great season of soccer at SKY! We wrapped up our recreational season in October, and Saturdays at Lovers Lane and Preston Miller Park were as fun and energy filled as ever. Fall break camp was a real hit! Pumpkin painting was at an all-time SKY high during our first annual Fall Festival. And our biggest club fundraiser, the 14th Annual Kick or Treat Tournament, was one of our biggest and most successful yet, despite the game we played against Mother Nature herself. Our Academy teams have focused hard on player development yielding great results in tournaments all over the region. 

Onto our winter programs: Academy indoor training sessions, Academy indoor tournaments and our winter Recreational program that will be led by our professionally licensed Academy coaches.


Mission and Culture

Our mission continues to be to develop great players and people and enhance the community we serve. Our player-centric programs are professionally designed and align with U.S. Soccer’s philosophy of player-first development. We know that a college scout will not ask how your player’s U14 team finished in the “big” tournament. Instead technical skill, tactical understanding, academics, maturity and community involvement will be most important.

To develop successful players and people, we need the right culture as a club. We’re growing a safe, fun, challenging and constructive learning environment that fosters a love for the game. To continue this, we’ve designed the SKY Soccer Pathway. Regardless of a players needs or desires, we have an age and developmentally appropriate path to deliver success. Our pathway and player development purpose is simple: provide professionally designed and managed programs that maximize a players potential through learning and enjoyment of the beautiful game of soccer.


Enhanced Operations

To further enhance our club’s programs and capabilities, our Board of Directors and Administrators have been focused on culture and continuous improvement based on the feedback and needs of our members. The important changes made in late spring have set our club up for long term success. Our primary operational goal is to continue to build and deliver the best soccer programs in the area at some of the lowest costs in the country. This includes no cost programs such as TopSoccer, Referee mentoring. and outreach programs for the underserved members of our community.

To achieve our operational goals, costs are being carefully evaluated and minimized.  If they are not benefiting program and/or player development, changes will be made. One very noticeable change will be our Office going virtual in December. Leveraging technology and a new level of member service we’ll be available more than ever via phone, email and in-person meeting (by appointment when required); while eliminating unnecessary costs of managing and occupying an office space that does not enhance our ability to serve our members and programs. Stay tuned for more information on our website and via social media, including frequently asked questions and specific contacts to reach out to for efficient request resolution.


Call to Action

We are largely a volunteer organization, and our call to action remains the same. 

  • Be a Coach, help teach life lessons and develop a love for the game for our players.
  • Join a Committee, we are always actively looking for members to join committees (Recreational, Academy/Competitive, Tournament, Fundraising). Your experience and expertise can help make a difference for so many kids in our programs.
  • Volunteer your time, we have many important events that are critical to the fundraising and success of our club: TopSoccer, Tournaments, Opening Day Preparation and Execution (Fall, Spring Recreation), Open Play/Club Fun Nights.
  • Be a Sponsor and/or help us raise funds to enable us to continue to provide the highest-level soccer opportunities in the region at the lowest player fees. Do you know someone that is interested in being a partner with SKY, a club of over 2000 registered players annually, and interested in the benefits of being a sponsorship partner?

We would love to hear from you! Please let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at, or call us at 270.846.1010


Thank You Again, 

SKY Soccer Club


Office Hours: By Appointment Only

Winter Phone Hours: 9:30am-1:30pm

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 51495 Bowling Green, KY 42102



SKY Soccer continues partnership with Bowling Green Parks and Recreation

SKY Soccer continues partnership with Bowling Green Parks and Recreation

Just wrapped up our 2019 year with BG Parks and Rec. today! We are so excited to continue to partner with them for the year 2020 and bring soccer to our community. Not only do we share the same values and mission, we agree that it’s all about the kids and this community! Today, we are THANKFUL to have an amazing partnership with BG Parks and Recreation!

Check us out on Spotlight on Bowling Green to see the history behind this amazing partnership!

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