Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

Parents Expectations

Parents Code of Conduct



It is a privilege to be a part of the United States Soccer Federation, United States Youth Soccer Association, and Kentucky Youth Soccer Association. My action shall always reflection credit upon these organizations and their affiliates.


Parents/Spectators must set the example for the children by exemplifying the highest standards of sportsmanship. Parents/Spectators participate in a match by watching, cheering and supporting the efforts of all participants of the match. Soccer must be Fun. The game is for the children, their participation and enjoyment of the game is the most important element.

Parents have responsibilities to the coach, team and soccer organization they are a part of. Parents/Spectators must have respect for their coach, all children on the team and the authority of the referee and his/her assistance’s.

·        Parents/Spectators are expected to have respect for the authority of the referee and his/her assistants. They will not harass, abuse or berate the referee during or after the match. They shall not enter the field of play with out the referee’s permission.

·        Parents/Spectators are expected to have respect for the coach and his/her assistants; they should never criticize a coach in a public manner. Do not coach from the sideline; let the coach do his/her job no matter how much you may disagree. If there is a problem talk to the coaching director or a director of your organization.

·        Parents/Spectators are expected to have respect for all players. Cheer in a positive manner not negative. Encourage your team, don’t berate the other team. Cheer in a way to reward the good play of both teams and promote fair play.

·        Parents/Spectators are not to use foul or abusive language towards any one for any reason.

·        Parents/Spectators have a responsibility to learn the laws of the game, and the spirit of the game.

·        Parents/Spectators are encouraged to get involved with the organization and promote the game in a positive way.

·        Parents/Spectators must demonstrate the utmost in sportsmanship and integrity; they are the role models for their children.