Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

Should I Coach?

How to Decide Whether to Be a Youth Soccer Coach

Many parents are called upon, or volunteer, to coach youth soccer. But few parents have played this game. You don't have to play soccer to coach. You do, however, need to take some other important steps.





Consider the commitment. It takes a lot of time and energy to coach properly. Make sure you have both before signing on.


Run it by your child. See how he or she feels about you coaching, and if there are any objections. You might want to reconsider - or coach another team - if your child feels uncomfortable with your plans.

3. Hit the books. Consider taking a soccer coaching license course. It will help you learn about soccer. In addition, many leagues require that coaches have licenses.

Become a student of the game. Watch teams and players of similar age to your child. Also, watch older teams so you know what to expect as you move along.


Ask around. Find other coaches with good reputations and get to know them. Ask for their advice.

Observe other coaches. Attend games to watch, especially those coached by someone with a good reputation.
  Be prepared. Consider whether you have the ability to stay at least one step ahead of those you are coaching - both in knowledge and preparation.
  Learn the language. Understand the sport you are coaching, including its vocabulary.
  Use an expert. You don't have to play the sport to be a coach. But do find a skilled person to use for demonstrations.
  Study the rules. You should be prepared by know at least the local rules of the activity you are coaching. Knowing the national or international rules would be a