Southern Kentucky Soccer Club

Fall Break Camp

Seasonal Camp Series

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Seasonal Camps are a fun way to play the game of soccer.  These camps there will be TONS of free play, lots of games to get the kids moving, and skills training so they can learn new things through the week.   As described by several of the campers, "this is like a long soccer recess!!!"


**Fall Break Camp**

Fall Break Camp offers a great opportunity for your child to play a TON of soccer, improve their skills and release all of that "school's out" energy.  Every day, the campers play against their peers and just enjoy the game in a free flow environment.   They will receive plenty of instruction as well as get HUNDREDS of touches on the ball to improve their touch.  

Grab a friend or two, register for camp, and let the kids have a blast!   

October 7-11

8:00am - Noon

Lovers Lane Soccer Complex


5-12 boys and girls


** WINTER Camp 2019/20 **
** SPRING BREAK Camp 2020 **